“Heart of Darkness” Marlow

Marlow is a very interesting fellow.  He is an observer, and he seems to try and rationalize the horrors he witnesses in the Congo.  For example, when the station manager is killed with a spear, he deals with it by blaming the station manager for standing in front of the window.  Moreover, when he sees … Continue reading “Heart of Darkness” Marlow


Heart of Darkness

This novella by Joseph Conrad is rich with meaning and insight.  Every sentence is masterfully constructed using only the most accurately expressive words.  There is no insignificant fluff or meaningless phrases.  Rather, the sentences are so profound in their ability to relate the most innate and understandable yet hard-to-explain emotions and thoughts of humanity.  Moreover, … Continue reading Heart of Darkness

Blackberry Picking: This Poem is Berry Symbolic

The poem, Blackberry Picking, by Seamus Heaney, details the fun activity of blackberry picking and the disappointment of noticing that the berry stash has grown mold.  However, just like many other famous poems, this poem conveys deeper meaning through symbolism and imagery. The poem is an extended metaphor for life.  It expresses the feelings of youth, vigor, and hope, … Continue reading Blackberry Picking: This Poem is Berry Symbolic